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Customer Testimonials

"When my wife and I were looking to install a new hardwood floor in our kitchen and refinish the rest of our hardwood floors in our house, a co-worker highly recommended Dean Chasse.  From the first initial visit up to the job’s completion, Dean exceeded all our expectations.  The workmanship was first rate, the job was started and completed on schedule, and the work was done for a great price.  I can highly recommend Dean for your next hardwood floor project."
Kevin B. - Somers, CT

"When we built our addition, we called in Dean to install the new oak and cherry flooring, and we couldn’t be happier.  He was always on time, kept the jobsite clean, and the floors are gorgeous.  In fact, we liked what he did in our addition so much that we hired him to install wood floors in our kitchen, front entry, and laundry room, too.  We highly recommend Dean for your wood flooring project!"
Greg V. - Avon, CT 

"Three words come to mind when I think about Chasse Hardwood Flooring …. amazing, reliable and tidy.  Dean refinished all the floors in a home I purchased and also put in new flooring where linoleum existed.  He had to make it appear as the two rooms were one and the floors were done at the same time.  He did amazing work!  You couldn’t tell that it all wasn’t installed at the same time!  It was seamless.  And best of all, Dean cleans up and it seems as if you never had a contractor in your house at all."
Kristine B. - Manchester, CT

"We found that working with Dean was very easy.  His prices were reasonable and he started and finished on time.  The finish on the new hardwood matched the existing floor perfectly.  We have recommended him to friends and neighbors."
Mike G. - Tolland, CT  

"We've known Dean Chasse of Chasse Hardwood Flooring for over 20 years.  A lot can be learned about a person in that much time.  As a person and a business man, Dean has proven himself to be dependable, good natured and most importantly ... a man of his word.  When it came time for us to install wood flooring throughout our home, there was no doubt Chasse Hardwood Flooring was the right company for the job.  As the owner, Dean was dependable, punctual and fair in every aspect of the installation.  He is truly a master in his field.  Subsequently, our trust in Dean gave us peace of mind when it came time for refinishing our floors.  Trust, dependability and complete satisfaction ... what more can a customer ask for?"
Andy & Lynn R. - Coventry, CT 

"Three years after installing hardwood floors in my dining room, the same wood flooring was extended to the kitchen.  I was, of course, concerned about getting the finishes for the two rooms to match.  After hearing very good recommendations, I contacted Dean and am very glad I did as the flooring finish met my highest expectations.  During a time when most contractors are less concerned about quality, Dean's dedication, quality of work and attention to detail is very impressive."
Doug M. - Windsor, CT

Chasse Hardwood Flooring
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